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We bring our expertise to Academics, Student development in both scholastic and co-scholastic activities and redefining what is possible, one student at a time.

Our Focus Areas

We provide first-hand education, focusing on each child individually and catering to them. We adapt and update our lessons and teaching techniques. 

The focus is on individualized learning and tailoring the curriculum to meet each child's needs. The use of a Montessori setup for infants is emphasized as a way to stimulate their senses and prepare them for everyday activities, while also keeping the education grounded and rooted.

Updated teaching methods and lessons

Providing a diverse range of activities for kids. Opening up multiple avenues for kids in different forms of art such as music, dance, sports, and quizzes allows them to explore and discover their interests and passions. This can help to foster creativity, self-expression, and a sense of accomplishment. It also helps to expose them to different types of activities and provides opportunities for them to develop their skills and talents.

Extra Curricular Activities

Taking children to planetarium, museums, and art galleries can be a valuable learning experience for them. These types of outings can expose children to different forms of art and culture and can help to broaden their perspectives.


Visiting museums and art galleries can also help children to develop an appreciation for history, science and art, while educational trips can provide them with an opportunity to experience education in a unique way. Such visits also provide children an opportunity to explore, learn and experience the real world in an interactive way, which can be an excellent supplement to their classroom learning.

Field Trips and Educational Trips



Admissions Overview

The admission process for a new academic year typically starts before the start of the new year and is completed before classes begin. This allows enough time for students to secure their place in the institution and make necessary preparations.


How to Apply

A Transfer Certificate (TC) is usually required during the admission process. It is a document issued by the previous school of the student and serves as proof of the student's attendance and academic records. 


Entrance Requirements

SAT scores from classes 1 to 10 may also be required, depending on the institution's admission criteria. 


For students outside Karnataka, the Transfer Certificate must be signed by the respective state education institute. 


We offer our first language as English, our second language as Kannada, and our third language as Hindi, and the medium of instruction is English. 


Admission Office Timings

Monday to Friday:  08:30 am to 03:00 pm

Saturday: 08:30 am to 12:00 pm 

Closed on Sunday

Visit our educational institution's campus to observe the learning atmosphere and observe the children as they engage in their activities.

Address: No. 313/1, Patel Rama Reddy Marga,

Domlur Layout, Bangalore 560071

Contact Number: 08025350421


Schools are spaces that hold immense value in our lives. Considered a holy space, schools shape every child's future. It has a different effect on each child, it's different for each individual.

KRLS aims at sculpting different personalities while learning virtues, values, leadership qualities, and so on. It's also a huge opportunity to meet different kinds of people, build relationships and understand how human beings work. 

Our goal is to help kids explore their interests and develop their skills. Workshops and group activities can provide hands-on learning experiences, while extracurricular sessions can allow them to pursue their passions. By providing guidance and support, we can help them take steps toward building a fulfilling future.

Why KRLS High School?

Shaping the Future of
Education & Learning


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